When talking about the potential of enterprise software, for better efficiency and profitability, most people think about automating processes, using analytics to make data-driven decisions, and getting timely insight from reporting. But few think about the opportunities machine learning (ML) can bring to an organization.

At first glance, ML capability may not seem groundbreaking, but enterprise software combined with machine learning technology can turn a simple system into one with turbocharged decision-making capabilities.

ML-enabled enterprise software can bring superior predictive abilities to an organization, leading to significant cost savings through improved decision-making; greater ease of use; and better visibility around ROI.

In this post, we’ll look at why having ML-enabled enterprise software is so important, and what it can do for an organization in terms of decision-making.

The Benefits of ML-Enabled Enterprise Software

Adding ML capabilities to an enterprise software system provides some incredible advantages that would otherwise not be available.

Predictive and Proactive Decision-Making: With ML-enabled enterprise software, things work differently. Instead of just robotically following the same processes over and over again, the system can learn from experience and start to predict outcomes based on past data. It can then proactively suggest better decisions and options, giving decision makers a real competitive edge.

Cost Savings: By utilizing ML-enabled enterprise software, organizations can reduce the amount of manual labor that forms part of decision-making by automating certain processes. With ML taking on more complex analytics, organizations can drive cost savings through automated processes and increased efficiency.

Better Visibility of ROI: ML-enabled enterprise software can also provide much better visibility into overall return on investment. Many predictive analytics platforms, combined with the automated decision-making from ML-enabled software, can help an organization more accurately measure the financial benefit of different decisions.

Ease of Use: The predictive and proactive capabilities of ML-enabled enterprise software makes it incredibly easy to use and a great asset to any organization. With it’s machine learning capabilities, even highly complex situations can be handled with relative ease.


In conclusion, ML-enabled enterprise software brings significant advantages to any organization, from predictive and proactive decision-making, to cost savings, to better visibility on ROI. All of this can be done with relative ease of use and minimal manual effort. If your organization is considering a move to ML-enabled software, it’s worth exploring the potential it can bring.